naaacp to sue boing

Dem cracka areplains n sheeit be killing Afkun-Amekun chilluns n sheei, nomesane maing?

also, notice how dem always be makin wite airplains! why dey dont be makin ever black airplains???? Da answer be, off cars, dat dey be rayciss! So we be gonna soo dem fo’ raycism n fo killin inocent Afkun-Mekun n shit.

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naaacp to sue pregnancy

you be knowing what bes pregnancy? it bees when there bees a baby inside a woman. but when Afkun-Amerikun womans become pregnant dey die a lot, 3 times more dan cracka womens die.

why be dat? Da only logical explanation be dat pregnancy bees rayciss against Afkun-Amerikuns! so we be gonna soo there shit n shit cuz we soo rayciss stuff.

It be obvius dat pregancy kill us cuz it be rayciss. Da fact that Afkun-Amerikun womans have sex twnty times a day with different men and smoke crack and eat kfc during da pregancy has nofing to do wif it.

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Naaacp to sue duncan hines.

Yo muffugahs, long time, no sue.

We recetly finded out dat dere bes a cupcake factory dat makes rayciss cupcakes!

Dats write! Takes a look fo’ yo’self, maing:

Dey bees drawin rayciss stuff on da cupcake n shee! Dat shee bes sayin dat we has huge lips, but we donts, anyone sayin dat we has big lips be rayciss. Also, we be mades of ebony, not chocolate, nomesane.

we’s gonna sue dem fo’ raycissm n sheeeit gnome sayin muffukah?

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naaacp to sue david duke

dat cracka be da most rassist racist n shi in da world, nomesane! but now he be runnin fo presiden n shi. If he runs fo presdun n shi he be gona kill us cuz he be rayciss.

Here be da proof!

Also he be a grand wizud of da racist wite soopremassist racist terrorist nashunalist groop ku klux klan.

We seeed his video on youtoob n shi.

Notice how be sayin he will stop welfare. Dat be because it be US gettin da welfare n shi! N we need welfare cuz we be bein oppresed by whites n shee!

We be must fite aganst dis racism! racism will only end when we kill all wites n sheeeeit! nomesane maing!

duke be disrespectin our civil rites n shit, so we be gonna sue him, nomesane muffugah.

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naacp to sue ben quail

Dat cracka be hatin obama n shi. N what do u call sum one whoo hates blacks? Dats right, rayciss.

Anyone who doesn’t like obama is racist. he be doin dat best for da country.

We be gonna soo dat cracka, togetha wif evryone who didnt vote fo obama fo violentin our civil rites n shii, nomesane muffugahs!

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naaacp to sue the alphabet

U be knowin dat all da letters dat we be using be called da “alphabet”, but u mite not be knowin dat dis shit be rayciss!

yes, u hurd it muffugah. Dis shit be rayciss n shit.

notice how dere be da lettuh ‘K’ in da alfabet. obviously a refrens to da racist wite soopremasyst nashunalist racist terrorist racist group ku klux klan. also notice how da lettuh ‘Z’ be da last letter. dat be becuz Z be da furst lettah in zulu, and dey be wantin dat we be da last in da world too, nomesane maing.

also, da people who invented dat shi be all wite. greecians and romans invented dat, but dey didn’t allow any coontribushuns from dem Egypshuns, which be a truly African-American civilizayshun from Motha Africa n shee. Dey only be dooin dat to oppress us n shi, you know what im sayin.

We has to get rid of dat shit n force people to learn gypshun letters n shi in scoo, cuz if dey dont dey be rayciss, n we be gonna soo dem fo disrespectin ar cibil rites n shi, nomesane muffuga.

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naaacp to sue latin

you has probably hurd dat dere be a language called latin, n dey speek it in like catholicism n science n shi, nomesane muffugah.

We looked at a dicshunary n shi of latin, and guess what be da word fo “Black”. Yep u guessed it n shi, da word be “niger”. Dem crackas be usin ethnic slur aganst us cuz dey be rayciss n sheei, nomesane nigga, so we be gonna sue dem fo racism.

We be also gonna sue da city of rome because dey invented dat raceist language dere, n we be gonna sue italy because rome be dere n shi, we be also gonna sue europe fo lettin dere be a cuntry in they’re territory dat lets dere be a city dat invented a racis language n shi. We be also gonna sue gypsies because dey be called “roma” n dat sounds like rome, an obvious support for dem racist latins. We be also gonna sue ebry cuntry in latin america cuz dey be named after dat shi, nome saaayin maaaaaaing.

Dey be all vinolatin our civil rites n shi, nomesane muffuka, so it be our duty as non-racists to redistribute reparayshuns n shi.

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naaacp to sue angelina jolie

angelina jolie be a cracka she-actor dat be gonna be playin Cleopatra.

yep, yo heared it muffugah. A whitey be gonna play da most famos Black queen evah.

Everyun knows dat egypshuns be Black race n shi. cuz only us superior rays n shi cood habs made dem big pyramids n shi, cuz we bes superiors n magical n we used to live 203982893 ears befo’ da devil started oppressin us n shee, nomesane maaaing.

tayk a look at dis picture. it proves dat egypshuns be Black:

we bes gypshuns n shee nomesane!

Just look: furst guy be a cracka, furd guy also be a cracka, forf guy be… ummm… a mexican… n second one bes a gypshun, n he be black, so dat settle it.

Also, in anshunt gypshun language dere be a place called “Kemet”, dat be da name of the place dey camed from, n it meens “Black land”. Dat be da evidens necissery to prove dat gypshuns be black n shit nomesane, just like people from england’s Black Country be Black, people near da Black Sea be Black, etc.

angelina jolie be lyin to kids dat gypshuns be not Africun Americun, cus dey be oppresin us n shi, nomesane. So we be gonna soo her fo disrespectin our cibil rites n sheeeit, nomesane maing.

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naaacp to sue feed the children

maybe you has heared about dis “charity” organizashun called feed da chillun. youd fink dat dey be helpin who really needs help (aka us), but we finded out at there website dat dey also be helpin otha peeple.

Dey be helpin central americans, dey be helping south americans, dey be helping southeast asians. Tel me, after dey help all dis peeple, how much cash is left for BLACK chilluns in Motha Africa? Almost nothin; and if dey want Black chillun to die it means dey be rayciss.

we be gonna sue dem fo violatin our civil rites n shi, nomesane maing.

We promice dat all da money we get fum sooin dem is gonna go to Motha Africa ONLY, n we will buy all da stuff dat da kids really be needin, like spining rims, malt likka, ghettoblasters n shi. we be a magical gypshun superior race, it be all whitey’s fault dat our chilluns be starvin n shi, if dey stopped oppresin us with fings like live aid n food crates (dey be dropin it on african head to kill em n shi) we would be livin 2302983487 years like we did befo’ dey became lynchin us n slavin us n shi, nomesane muffugah.

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naaacp to sue parks canada

parks canada be some cracka agency fo preservin da cultural heritage of dem kkkanadians (only da white ones, of cors). recently dey finded sum boat dat had sunk in da norf of canada, and just a day later n shi, a boat with 140 brothas sank in Mutha African cuntry Democratic Republic of thee Congo n shi!

dis wuldnt have happened if dem canadian crackas had been helpin US insted of findin sum ship in da ocean, after all, white ships sink all da time cuz dey dont be magical like us cuz we be egypshun n shee, nomesane. our ships only sink wen dey be opressin us, n rite now swissland be opressin us tru neocolonialism n sheet maaing, nomesane.

dey be murderers n shi, we be gonna sue dem fo violintin ar cibil writes n shee, nomesane muffugah.

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